Reasons to use clay products

Clay: The ecological building material

Do you want to build modern and healthy buildings that are also sustainable and environmentally conscious? With clay as a building material, you can make all these plans a reality. No other building material is as natural, adaptable and durable. Learn about these and other advantages of clay and our ecological clay building materials and combine traditional with modern building techniques!

Do you want to build in a natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable way? Live or work healthier? If there is one building material that is all-round ecological, then it is clay. The clay for our CLAYTEC clay building materials is collected and quarried in Germany. All our products are made in domestic warehouses and production facilities.

The advantages of clay as a building material are convincing along the entire cycle: from extraction to refinement to installation and amazingly multifaceted use, even to reuse. The environmental impact of clay - building material of the future - unfolds according to the recycling principle "Cradle to Cradle", or C2C for short, and supports the sustainable goal of "building without waste". Because even after decades, clay can be used anew, as often as desired and in a variety of ways.

The data of modern environmental declaration procedures prove: no other building material fits so perfectly into the environmental cycle and can be used in such a resource-conserving and waste-avoiding way - low energy input, almost zero CO2 emissions, countless possibilities for recycling. In addition, earth building materials are easy on the wallet, even in the long term. Because earth reliably stores heat and releases it evenly as the ambient temperature drops, heating expenditure and costs are reduced in interiors fitted with earthen building materials.

Clay - perfect building biology, healthy indoor climate

When it comes to an ideal indoor climate, loam is exactly the right building material. Interiors finished with loam immediately convey a feel-good atmosphere. Here you can read all about the advantages of clay as a climatic artist - and about the role its physical properties play in reconciling sustainability and healthy living.

A pleasantly balanced indoor climate in all seasons: heavy clay building materials work as thermal stores, warming the interior when the outside temperature is low and cooling it when it is high. The ecological, pollutant-free building material creates diffusion-open, breathable surfaces that absorb both heat and humidity and then release both again evenly. This creates a stable temperature, binds dust and odours and demonstrably reduces the risk of mould growth. A strong plus also for allergy sufferers!

CLAYTEC clay plasters consist exclusively of original, biological components, including clay minerals and, depending on the version, for example miscanthus fibre. This means they enrich every home with a piece of nature - and support both health and well-being with their regulating properties.

Efficient sound insulation with natural clay walls

Unfavourable acoustics are usually related to the construction method. Walls made of earthen building materials prevent disturbing reverberation and loud noises - simply because of their advantageous properties provided by nature. Earthen walls have a natural sound-absorbing effect and are also healthy to live in. Improve room acoustics with clay: for audibly more peace and quiet indoors!

Today, an ideal indoor climate consists of more components than pleasant temperature control and balanced humidity without releasing pollutants into the environment. In addition, acoustics play a decisive role in the well-being of indoor spaces. Increasingly dense building envelopes in modern construction make the interior of buildings increasingly sensitive to noise.

With earthen building materials, however, this can be avoided directly during construction, because earth offers excellent sound insulation, which in turn optimises the feeling of well-being indoors. Even with the simplest earthen building material constructions, builders can achieve up to 55 decibels of sound insulation. By way of comparison, this value is normally only achieved by two brick walls, each 17 centimetres thick and enclosing a layer of air between them. Thanks to their natural material properties, CLAYTEC clay panels already have integrated sound insulation. The natural building material panels based on clay are proven to insulate.

Even in simple wall constructions, heavy but at the same time flexible clay panels achieve convincing acoustic values - an argument also for more and more decision-makers in extensive building projects. In addition to the heavy boards, our range also includes lightweight boards made of clay, clay hemp and wood fibres: all perfect companions for fast, dry and lightweight construction.

Clay: Advantages for the preservation of historical monuments, timber frame renovation and interior insulation

Preserving original building methods as a living testimony to history, preserving the charm of historic buildings, acting in compliance with the law and at the same time renovating and insulating efficiently and responsibly: Especially in the case of listed buildings, building owners face many challenges due to obligatory specifications, the nature of the objects as well as possible future demands. Earthen building materials are very well suited for the renovation, refurbishment and modernisation of listed buildings. Regardless of whether it is wood, stone or timber-framed. With CLAYTEC clay products, you renovate responsibly and reduce environmental impact to a minimum - also for future generations. Discover the advantages of earth building technology!

Wherever people build with experience, expertise and responsibility, something special, sometimes unique, is created - especially when passion was involved. And clay. Numerous historical buildings made of this natural building material still radiate a magic all of their own. After all, as a natural, often regionally available building material, clay has its own history dating back thousands of years. More than 30 years ago, CLAYTEC was one of the first companies in Germany to rediscover this long underestimated and yet so potent building material with all its favourable properties. Our experts developed the classic clay further - into one of the most modern building materials on the current market, which we now sell in 19 countries. Its versatility in use, its ecological advantages, its positive energy balance and its other climate-friendly features make clay not only a trend material, but also a future-oriented building material. One that can be used to build, renovate and rework both modern and historic buildings.

Focus: Half-timbered house renovation

If you would like to renovate your half-timbered house, for example, you will find the right system solution with us. We are officially recognised as timber frame professionals. Because we have long contributed to the preservation of the German half-timbered landscape, the German Foundation for the Protection of Monuments awarded us the German National Prize in 1997. Our clay products are particularly suitable for the sustainable renovation of half-timbered houses, as they harmonise especially well with wood and can be combined with other natural materials such as straw or flax to increase thermal insulation.

Focus: Interior insulation

Especially when it comes to the energetic renovation of monuments, building owners are bound by numerous regulations. Experience has shown that the exterior insulation of buildings in particular can be difficult, depending on the regulations. Natural interior insulation with clay offers an alternative. Builders can find the right products in our range for sustainable forms of renovation suitable for listed buildings in order to reliably preserve the character and appearance of the building - one of the major challenges in the energy-efficient renovation of old buildings. Interior insulation with CLAYTEC clay building materials - from clay blocks to clay boards to clay design plaster - always succeeds safely and effectively. In combination with a wall surface heating system and clay plaster, they also form an unbeatably efficient solution that also offers a high level of living comfort.

Clay walls - always an eye-catcher!

Ecological building, effective and sustainable renovation: Does the appearance actually fall by the wayside when it comes to a healthy living climate? Quite the opposite. Modern clay plasters are anything but old-fashioned. They can enrich the appearance of any interior with almost endless possibilities for visual and tactile design. It is due to the flexible material and the multifaceted processing forms that clay can be used so variably, also with regard to aesthetics. This makes it possible to design interiors individually according to one's own preferences.

With clay - a historical building material and at the same time a sustainable material for modern and healthy construction - you can give interiors an individual character and thus create the optimal conditions for feeling completely at home in them. You can create modest simplicity, rustic cosiness or modern clarity. You can set imposing accents or once again emphasise purity and naturalness. Thanks to the variety of uses for clay, there are almost no limits to the design possibilities.

An interior with an urban, smooth concrete look, for example, can be created just as easily as one in which coarsely structured surfaces or expressive colours dominate. Or how about walls with an elegant, velvety feel? For your unique interior design, the CLAYTEC range offers brilliant coloured clay plasters with a noble look and structure - without the addition of dyes or pigments. Choose your favourites from 146 natural earth tones in our colour shade system. Perhaps clay plaster in pure white is one of them? CLAYTEC was the first producer in Germany to launch this speciality, which is still in demand today. You too can use our clay products for your prestigious interior design. They are now already available in 19 countries!

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