Building with clayAesthetics in perfection

Building with clay Aesthetics in perfection Nature and design for your home

Wood and Claythe perfect symbiosis

Wood and Clay the perfect symbiosis

Feel-good atmospherefor your rooms

Feel-good atmosphere for your rooms Natural room climate with clay

Clarity indesign with clay

Clarity in design with clay

Individual designfor every day

Individual design for every day

ClayWarmth in public spaces

Clay Warmth in public spaces

CLAYTEC - The specialist for clay building materials.

Experience depth - Rooms made from clay.

CLAYTEC e.K. produces and distributes building materials from clay via the building materials trade. We are an owner-managed medium-sized family business. CLAYTEC originated from a craft business, central products and application techniques result from own practice and experience. The aim of the company was and still is, to make clay available for today's construction and to integrate it into its structures. The focus is on ecological building and the preservation of historical monuments.

YOSIMA and CLAYFIX are coloured, individual interior design options utilising clay. They are natural and have a deep, harmonious effect. We offer thin clay plaster, clay filling compound, and clay coatings

CLAYTEC clay plasters stand for a comfortable indoor climate. Their surfaces are natural and aesthetic. At the same time, they are modern, suitable for use with machines, and easy to work with.

Modern clay construction is light, rapid, and dry. CLAYTEC offers various systems for all requirements and every budget. In addition to the indoor climate, the sound insulation is top-notch.

Timber frame restoration is our core business. We offer solutions that are sophisticated, secure and permanent for infill, exterior plaster, and interior insulation. All backed up by 35 years of experience.

Effective energy rehabilitation is possible without destroying facades worthy of preservation. CLAYTEC's interior insulation systems offer high efficiency and certified moisture protection.

Heavy clay components not only help regulate the temperature, they also have a unique aesthetic and expressiveness of their own. Many ancient and modern clay building cultures around the world bear witness to this.

Clay - naturally beautiful

With CLAYTEC clay plasters you bring a piece of nature into your home. You can thus create a completely new room climate. Furthermore, clay is simply beautiful. In old buildings as well as in new buildings. Find out more from CLAYTEC, the experts for clay.

Clay for building owners

Clay - the versatile building material

Building with CLAYTEC clay sets no limits to your imagination. You can see this in the various projects that have been realised with this innovative building material. Let our fascinating references inspire you. For your project.

Projects with clay

Reasons for clay building materials

Since humans have started building, they use clay. But why should we choose this material today? We'll tell you.

Claytec clay building materials

The history of Claytec begins in the 70s. Peter Breidenbach comes from a family of architects with a strong affinity to traditional building methods...

Clay building materials from CLAYTEC

If you're looking for building materials made of clay, CLAYTEC is the answer. But why should you choose us? The answer lies in our company history and everything that results from it.

YOSIMA Lehm-Designputz

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Anwendungsvideo Maschinentechnik Airlesss

Lehmanstrichverarbeitung Airless mit Wagner PS 3.20

Lehmputzverarbeitung mit Mischpumpe

Lehmputzverarbeitung mit Mischpumpe WAGNER PlasatMax Spraypack

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Wall and ceiling heating

Panel heaters are pipe or cable grids plastered into mortar, and are water- or electricity-based. Embedded in clay plaster or into interior insulation made of natural materials, panel heaters provide the perfect healthy indoor climate

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CLAYTEC earth building materials are high-quality and exclusive materials that you can purchase from selected dealers throughout Germany. Or talk to us directly: