Casa Duque

Casa Duque

The 1940's Art Deco building called "Casa Duque" is located, in the heart of the artistic neighborhood of Bonfim, in Porto. Amidst art galleries and bohemian style stores, the building stands out with its unique style among the traditional townhouses of Porto. The building was originally designed by architect Mário Abreu, who also designed the iconic Passos Manuel Parking building. The original owners commissioned the architect to design the last residence of his career. 

The 1940s building was to be adapted to today's lifestyle, additional rooms were created, kitchens and bathrooms were added. As part of the renovation work, much emphasis was placed on brightness, through deep windows and white walls. The wall design in the bathrooms was done by a unique combination of reddish colored tiles and bright, natural clay designer plaster. The YOSIMA clay designer plaster was used in WE0 and Columba Gray shades. When light falls through the floor-to-ceiling window, the noble and individual structure of the clay walls is captivating. In addition to the special aesthetics, the building physical properties are of great advantage. Diffusion-open surfaces allow the regulation of humidity in the bathrooms and thus support the well-being in the premises.

Combinations of pink and red marble basins, natural wooden elements and light clay walls create individual aesthetics. Advice regarding the clay work, during the renovation phase, was provided by Joachim Reinecke of Embarro, CLAYTEC trade partner and specialist in the field of traditional materials and techniques. 


Architectural practice: WER studio London and Porto

Trade partner: Embarro

Photos: Studio Avalon