Heavy clay products

Terrazzo clay

Ready mix for terrazzo clay floors, also suitable for underfloor heating systems. Terrazzo clay revives the traditional and elegant Italian polished floor technique. The material has a unique look and feel. The colours offered make every floor an experience. Terrazzo clay is a special design material, and working with it is also challenging. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Field of application
Terrazzo floors inside residential buildings, as a screed for underfloor heating systems.

Coloured, mixed-grain natural stone grain sizes 0-16 mm (oversized grain up to 22 mm possible), building clay, coloured clays and loams, cellulose fibres, methyl cellulose ≤ 1%.

Terrazzo clay is available with light-grey and beige grains as well as a project-related matrix in earth-red, earth-yellow, earth-green and earth-grey tones.

Material properties
Dry bulk density approx. 1,700 kg/m3 (thermal conductivity W 1.5 W/mK, µ 5/10), compressive strength 2.0 N/mm2.

Supply form
Project-related, earth-moist mixed in 1.0-t Big Bags.

Protect against dehydration or humidification by weather.
After delivery, which can be shortly after its production, the Terrazzo clay must be used within 2-4 weeks, depending on the weather. In winter, earth-moist goods must be stored so they are protected from freezing, otherwise workability during frost is impaired.

Material needs
A Big Bag yields approx. 0.60 m3 of finished Terrazzo screed.

Add approx. 10 % of water and stir thoroughly with pug mill mixers or double-shaft hand mixers.

The substrate composition must be such that prolonged moisture penetration during drying does not lead to damage. Terrazzo clay has no capillary action. If there is any contact to the ground, PE or bitumen layer as well as anti-capillary mineral filling materials (foamed glass) are needed beneath the structure to prevent any rising damp on the underside of furniture etc.