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CLAYTEC e.K. produces and distributes building materials made of clay via construction goods suppliers. We are an owner-run medium-sized family company. CLAYTEC grew from a craftsman's establishment; its core products and application techniques are the result of its own real-world experience. The goal of the company was and continues to be making clay available as a building material for modern construction and to integrate it into these structures. The emphasis is on ecological construction and monument conservation.

Company history

The history of Claytec begins in the 70s. Peter Breidenbach comes from a family of architects with a strong affinity to traditional building methods.


If you're looking for building materials made of clay, CLAYTEC is the answer. But why should you choose us? The answer lies in our company history and its wealth of experience with clay as a building material

Working with associations

Wherever possible and meaningful, CLAYTEC seeks to collaborate with people and institutions which share our goals. We are a member of central federal specialist associations which kick off developments and shape the future. This allows us to remain involved in clay construction, building biology, and construction technology in monument conservation.


Interested in Claytec? Are you searching for a new and challenging career right now or are perhaps thinking of taking that leap?

Service team

We will help you find the right product, answer your technical questions, and would be glad to recommend craftsmen and suppliers for your construction project. We assist professionals with planning and cost calculations. Please contact our Serviceteam