Single-family house in Zusmarshausen

Single-family house in Zusmarshausen

The single-family house in Zusmarshausen consists of an elongated house type with gable roof, which ideally rounds off the townscape and forms a, for this region, typical edge of the village. The side garage extension, which has a basement for storage and building services rooms, nestles into the slight slope. The greened flat roof flows into the garden landscape without any further edges.

For a bright living space, one corner of the house was completely glazed. Pendulum supports in front of the prominent glass panels and sliding doors carry the vertical roof load on the eaves side. Like most of the timber house structure, this protective wall panel is made of glueless solid wood masonry units. On the lower level of the building, the house has a second entrance that leads directly into the children's wing. This includes, in addition to two children's bedrooms, a storage room, a children's bathroom and the utility room. The room layout is designed so that this part of the building can later be converted into a granny apartment. In the upper part of the house there is the parents' area with bedroom, bathroom, dressing room and office. Short staircases connect the rooms to a stunning living area, which is open over two levels, so that the view reaches the inner roof truss made of chopped and steamed exposed wood. The wooden structure is combined with high, smooth clay walls, which were designed with YOSIMA clay designer plaster. The entire house, except for the basement and garden floor, was designed in the color shade of columba gray. The fireplace wall forms another highlight in the color SCGR 3.0 from the color space Jade-Green. The special structure of the smoothed clay walls stands out particularly depending on the incidence of light. In addition to the individual look, the ecological clay plaster fits ideally into the concept of ecological and sustainable construction.

The single-family house ideally puts the idea of sustainability into practice. The solid wood wall elements are provided with wood fiber insulation. Inside, YOSIMA clay designer plaster finishes the walls. A photovoltaic-supported pellet heating system with buffer storage and batteries is the solution for the building services and energy saving. As far as possible, no construction chemicals, adhesives or plastics were used.


Architectural practice: OUSIA Architekten

Trade partner: Pawlak-Verputz GmbH

Photos: Christian Grayer (OUSIA Architekten)