Rosenfeld old button factory

Rosenfeld old button factory

Old Rosenfeld button factory 

The elaborate complete renovation of a part of the old Rosenfeld button factory to create a residential building is an example of sustainable construction. The building from the year 1959 was separated structurally from the remaining complex. This created two detached houses and visually emphasised their new purpose as residential buildings. It also uncovered the existing old trees around the building, allowing them to be enjoyed.

The selection of natural materials played a huge role. For one, no bitumen seals were used for waterproofing the building, but instead a ramming mix of sand, clay, and other mineral substances. A wooden structure with jute insulation was placed over the old masonry, cladded with plaster support plates. The roof truss interior was completely insulated anew with wood fibre insulating panels. New roof tiles were installed on the outside.

The new extension facing the garden consists of a wooden structure lined with rammed clay. The rammed clay facade provides a connection between the architecture and the loamy soil of the garden.

Planning: Architekturbüro archisphäre GmbH, year of construction: 2017-2018, client: private,
Rammed clay work: Jetter Company Group. Photos: archisphäre


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