Reichenow residential building

Reichenow residential building

Reichenow, residential building

Under the leadership of the architect Guntram Jankowski, a low-energy building without ventilation system commissioned by the clients Ines Rutschke and Matthias Müller was built. This was made possible by the consistent use of the natural building materials wood and clay.

"This rules out the phenomenon of mould and humidity problems in low-energy houses, explains the architect Eike Roswag, who is also involved in the planning. The building functions without technical gadgets, instead offering a great deal of healthy clay comforts. The interior walls were designed with CLAYTEC clay finishing plaster.

The building in Reichenow faces the south and makes optimal use of the sun — passively in the residential spaces as well as actively with hot water collectors. The triple-glazed windows guarantee good insulation, as do the highly effective cellulose wall insulation. It is the appropriate complement to the building material wood and to the clay elements in the wall structure. All these measures create an indoor climate which is comfortable in all four seasons.

Photos: Tom Baerwald