Historical farmstead near Augsburg

Historical farmstead near Augsburg

The historic farmhouse including its stables was extensively renovated between 2018 and 2020. The historic building was sensitively converted into a spacious residential house, with a focus on preserving the Bohemian vaults and the historic roof trusses. Thus, a contemporary design for new rooms was required, taking into account and incorporating the traditional Swabian building style and aesthetics. The elongated gabled house has a generous volume of space and offered the best conditions for the design of new, modern living spaces. A total living space of over 310 sqm was created.

The quarry stone and brick masonry in the interior rooms was first plastered with a clay finish. YOSIMA clay designer plaster was chosen as the surface finish, a particularly noble wall design. The smoothed and thus calm-homogeneous surface creates a modern ambience. The choice fell on the colour shade Kolumba Grey; the YOSIMA range is available in a total of 146 different shades.

As part of the renovation, great importance was attached to dispensing with construction chemicals, such as the use of adhesives or chemical additives. Climate-friendly, circular and pollutant-free earth building materials are convincing as low-tech building materials in the best sense of sustainability with their simplicity in terms of composition. Most CLAYTEC earth building materials consist exclusively of clay, sand and natural additives such as straw. Mixing is not a complex manufacturing process, no additional chemicals are added. This simplicity represents the character of earth as a low-tech building material. Ecological earth building materials were therefore chosen for the interior design of the old farmhouse.


Architect's office: OUSIA Architekten

Craftmen: Pawlak-Verputz GmbH

Photos: Christian Grayer (OUSIA Architekten)