Apartment K in Dresden

Apartment K in Dresden

In 2018, the historic vault in Dresden, the basement rooms of a garden floor, was renovated and converted into a cozy apartment with an individual style. In total, a living space of 75 square meters was created, taking into account ecological and sustainable construction. Glues and plastics were to be avoided in the renovation of the historic premises. 

CLAYTEC Clay insulation plaster was used for the renovation; it is the ideal problem solver for many cases, e.g. for window reveals or for minimal insulation over a wide area. CLAYTEC clayboard was also used, and Clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar was used as a reinforcing layer. For the surface finish, both the clay color plaster coarse and the CLAYTEC clay paint were used. The color plaster is a coarse-textured color plaster, in a total of six different color shades. The clay paint is a coating material which is free of solvents, preservatives and at the same time breathable. The paste-like paint is easy to apply with a roller on clay plasters and many other interior surfaces. Alternatively, the white clay paint is also ideal for convenient and particularly economical airless application.


The bright loam walls in combination with the historic vaulted stones and antique furnishing elements invite you to marvel and discover. The Dresden apartment is absolutely unique in its design.


Architect's office: OUSIA Architects

Craftsman's workshop: Die Lehmwand

Photos: Christian Grayer (OUSIA Architects)