An old country estate becomes an architectural highlight

An old country estate becomes an architectural highlight

The 40,000 m² estate in the Eifel rises on the edge of the forest, with an open view over the wide valley. In addition to some farm buildings and a stable, a residential house was built on the four-hectare site in 1961. Between 2016 and 2019, the residential building was completely gutted and renovated. The farm buildings were replaced by a riding arena and the residential house was remodeled according to the wishes of the new owners. Wide, open spaces with large windows were designed to incorporate the outdoors. The new exterior shell was created from square larch wood sections. Through weathering, the wood slowly turned a grayish hue and, after some time, blended ideally with its natural surroundings.

The interiors of the large building have a special atmosphere, which is due to the minimalist and highly modern design. The owners were inspired by the Kolumba Museum in Cologne for the conversion of the premises. In this, the ecological clay building materials from CLAYTEC were used. The walls of the art museum shimmer in a grayish hue, designed with the YOSIMA clay designer plaster. A surface design that does without any pigments or dyes. Clay is the natural colorant and binder. The color shade "Kolumba Grey" from the YOSIMA range was specially developed for the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and the color design of the Cologne Museum and named accordingly. The client from the Eifel region decided to use this particularly noble wall design throughout their home. The YOSIMA clay surfacer was used, the clay color filler is a smoother wall finish than the clay design plaster, both products are available in the same color tone system. On the walls, the clay undercoat plaster with straw was applied first, followed by the clay topcoat fine 06 for a sufficiently smooth surface. On the ceilings, the clay bonding and reinforcing mortar and the clay finishing plaster fine 06 served as the basis for the final application of the YOSIMA clay color filler.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the building owner was particularly convinced by the ecological advantages. Clay building materials provide a pleasant, balanced indoor climate. In combination with the radiant heating used in the walls, the clay provides a comfortable warmth.  The ecological, pollutant-free building material creates diffusion-open, breathable surfaces that absorb both heat and humidity, and then release both again evenly. This guarantees stable temperature control in the spacious rooms.

The large-scale clay surfaces are complemented by polished concrete floors and form a harmonious unit, while fixtures made of oak and marble contrast with them. Overall, the living space is divided into two levels, with a round bar made of laurel wood forming the meeting point and centerpiece in the large building. On 500 m² the owner has created a vacation home of a special kind, an oasis of peace in the midst of nature, which impresses with a high degree of modernity and aesthetics on the inside.  


Architect's office: Uwe Bernd Friedemann Architekt

Project supervision: bungarten Architekten

Craftsmen: Petra Mey-Wirtz (Unterputz), Müsseler Renovieren Sanieren (Feinputz)

Photos: Viola Epler