A modern home office space as a DIY project

A modern home office space as a DIY project

In order to create the ideal, private home office space, the client Djik Ouchiian decided without further ado to convert his own garden shed into a stylish home office. The old shed, which was built of wooden studs, was to be renovated as ecologically as possible. As part of the do-it-yourself project, climate-friendly, circular and pollutant-free clay building materials were used.

First, the space was insulated with the ecological hemp insulation from von Hanf, an environmentally friendly, healthy insulation for indoor use. As a natural and climate-friendly building material, hemp harmonizes ideally in the system with the equally ecological clay building materials.  The clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar with a glass fabric was therefore used as a reinforcing layer directly on the hemp insulation. The clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar consists of clay and cellulose components. This guarantees the best workability even with thin applications. With a high compressive strength, which is new for clay mortar, the clay bonding and reinforcing mortar ensures the strength of the entire construction. The clay joint-filler was also used as a filler material for joints between clay and wood components, such as door trim or skirting boards - a real all-rounder, which is also ideal for repairing cracks or defects. This is available in the colors "natural brown" and "natural light". The natural wall design in combination with the rustic wooden beams and modern furnishing elements creates a cozy atmosphere and offers the ideal home office space in one's own home. The implementation of builder Djik Ouchiian impressively demonstrates that earthen building materials are ideal for one's own small or large DIY project. With a little practice, earthen building materials can be easily and uncomplicatedly processed without prior knowledge. Due to the multifaceted processing forms, there are no limits to one's own creativity.


Craft enterprise: Own contribution by the building owner

Trading company: Mordhorst Holzhandel

Photos: Djik Ouchiian