Showroom for sustainable architecture and interior design in Madrid

Showroom for sustainable architecture and interior design in Madrid

MATTER Group is a service company and a platform for knowledge exchange around architecture and interior design. MATTER has set itself the goal of promoting the realization of innovative, sustainable and healthy architecture. To this end, the team from Madrid offers clients the holistic implementation of projects with tailored solutions for each individual and specific need. At the beginning of 2022, MATTER Group opened an exclusive showroom in Madrid. The space is intended to be a meeting point for architects and interior designers to facilitate the holistic materialization of projects. The belief that design and architecture can have a significant impact on people's quality of life plays an important role in the newly opened showroom.

Joachim Reinecke, of Embarro, was on hand to advise MATTER Group on the design of the showroom. Embarro is CLAYTEC's trading partner in Portugal and Spain and a specialist for sustainable materials, such as CLAYTEC's ecological clay building materials. Among other things, the YOSIMA clay designer plaster was used for the design of the premises. A noble and brilliant wall design, which gives rooms a special atmosphere. The color used was Columba Gray, a modern and particularly popular shade from the YOSIMA range. Another special feature that distinguishes the YOSIMA shades from conventional wall designs is the composition of the clay plaster. YOSIMA clay design plaster does not require the use of pigments and dyes, because clay is the natural binder and colorant at the same time.

The approach of realizing innovative, sustainable and healthy architecture and interior design is ideally reflected in the showroom in Madrid. A place has been created that opens up new perspectives on materials and product innovations for the implementation of ecological construction.


Showroom: MATTER Group

Trade partner: Embarro

Photos: MATTER Group