Annas Stube

Annas Stube

Annas Stube - The ecological boutique-design holiday home in the Black Forest


Anna's parlour was ecologically renovated from the ground up by building owner Ines Bitsch. The old roof timbering with its carved date of 1634 looks back on a long history. Gutted down to the foundation walls and with much love from the cellar to the roof, the building was completely rebuilt and extended with almost 60 square meters.

Since the client places particular importance on the ecological footprint of her building materials, she decided to use a dark earth tone (SCRO 2.0) of the 146 colour variations of the natural and healthy YOSIMA clay design plaster with straw, in addition to the moon-beaten Swiss stone pine wood from South Tyrol.


"Just as the farmhouses were developed hundreds of years ago"


In addition to the high-quality natural materials and the tailor-made interior, the client focused on the essentials to emphasise sustainable values such as frugality, comfort and freedom. The result is a loft-like Tinyhouse with a scent of pine wood and clay.