Naturopathy practice in Neßhoven

Naturopathy practice in Neßhoven

The naturopathic practice is located together with a private residence on a plot of land on the outskirts of Neßhoven. In 2016, the building was made as a wooden post and beam construction, the walls were filled with straw bale insulation. The highlight of the construction is the reciprocal roof, also called mandala roof. From the outside, it is completely covered with greenery; from the inside, a light dome in the middle of the roof opens up the view to the expanse of the sky.

In addition to a small entrance area with a kitchenette and an inviting lounge, the practice has a handicapped-accessible toilet and a technical room. During the construction of the building, great importance was attached to a consistent sustainable construction method. In addition to materials such as wood and straw, clay and lime were used as building materials. The exterior walls were plastered with lime, the interior walls with clay. The goal was to create the ideal feel-good atmosphere for all of the practice's clients, which is why climate-friendly, circular and pollutant-free clay building materials were chosen. The right room climate plays a decisive role in optimal well-being. Clay building materials are known as climate artists. As an ecological, pollutant-free building material, clay creates diffusion-open, breathable surfaces that absorb both heat and humidity, and then release both again evenly. This guarantees stable temperature control, binds dust and odors, and demonstrably minimizes the risk of mold growth. This is also a strong plus for allergy sufferers.

The straw bale insulation was first plastered with clay undercoat plaster with straw, the classic among clay plasters. Up to 35 mm can be applied in a single operation, thus enabling the best workability. Subsequently, the clay topcoat fine 06 was applied, a single-layer thin plaster for interior use. The surface was finished with the clay paint, which can be applied either by roller or very economically with airless spraying equipment. Sustainability and holism were at the forefront of the planning of the naturopathic practice, and this goal was successfully put into practice. A place was created that radiates naturalness and harmony in equal measure.


Client: Bernd Delling, Naturheilpraxis „Soyala“

Architect's office: Shaktihaus Körner + Schäberle

Craftman: LehmOase GbR

Photos: Axel Hartmann