Regionality and aesthetics combined - Natural Cosmetics Munich

Regionality and aesthetics combined - Natural Cosmetics Munich

In November 2022, the first branch of Naturkosmetik München opened in Berlin - the address for anyone looking for natural and environmentally friendly cosmetics. Naturkosmetik München, also known as nkm, offers a wide range of natural and organic cosmetic products, including face and body care, hair care and make-up. At nkm, the focus is on nature with its effective plants and minerals. Innovative formulations combine the power of natural, regional ingredients with the latest scientific findings. The credo is: Natural. Regional. Effective

Not only in the choice of ingredients for the care products does nkm attach great importance to regional availability and resource conservation, but also in the choice of building materials for the design of its own branches. Regional Brandenburg clay was used for the branch opening in Berlin. Walls and a counter as the heart of the branch were made entirely of clay. Thomas Glück, from the painting and stucco company Lehmbau Glück, carried out the clay work on site. Lehmbau Glück is particularly appreciated and well-known for its special rammed earth works. The concept, design and planning of the branch as well as the supervision of the project were carried out by 1zu33 Architectural Brand Identity from Munich.

The centrepiece of the branch, a large counter placed in the room, was made of ClayTec rammed earth by hand by Thomas Glück using the Pisè technique. The rammed earth is compacted layer by layer in a wooden formwork. After removing the formwork, the special structure and aesthetic expressiveness of the rammed earth is revealed. Climate-friendly, circular and pollutant-free earthen building materials were also used for the walls and ceiling. CLAYFIX clay paint in the colour shade Kolumba grey was used for the design. The clay coating is of high building biology quality, free of solvents and breathable.

By choosing climate-friendly and regional building materials, nkm proves that responsibility can be taken at all levels. The clay for ClayTec clay building materials is collected and quarried in Germany. All products are produced in domestic warehouses and production facilities. In addition, clay is convincing as a building material along the entire cycle: from extraction and refinement to installation and reuse. The environmental impact of clay unfolds according to the "cradle to cradle" recycling principle. Because even after decades, clay can be used anew, as often as desired and in a variety of ways. The nkm shop in Berlin thus shows how sustainability can be the focus when implementing a shop concept and how a unique shopping experience can be created in an aesthetic ambience at the same time.


Architectural firm: 1zu33 Architectural Brand Identity

Craftsman's workshop: Lehmbau Glück

Photos: Christoph Philadelphia