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residential building in Viersen-Süchteln

residential building in Viersen-Süchteln

residential building Viersen-Süchteln

The private residential building in Viersen-Süchteln was planned and built in 1969 by the architect Hermann Breidenbach, the father of the owner of CLAYTEC, Peter Breidenbach. The building's style is based on the neighbouring construction monument Bruchstrasse 24, the residence and workshop of Hermann Breidenbach.

The rear of the plot of land leads out to an open fissure landscape typical for the region, which is deserving of particular mention, as the idea of a connection between nature and the structure flowing into each other, an often postulated desire of modern architecture, was also integrated into the design of the house.

In 2015, the upper floor of the building was modernised. A mineral-based interior insulation with CLAYTEC clay adhesive was installed and all wall surfaces were finished with YOSIMA design plaster. The wooden ceilings and tile floors from the time the structure was built, as well as the room layout and most wooden windows, were preserved.

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