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Residential buildings

Most of our clients use CLAYTEC clay building materials for property they themselves own and live in. This allows them to experience the indoor climate and the beauty of the surfaces each and every day

Projects next to you

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Hotels and restaurants

No other use is as predestined for clay building materials and its surfaces such as hotels, holiday flats, restaurants, and bars. That is because this is where people want to feel at home, spend the most relaxing weeks of the year, and the most beautiful hours of the day.

Public buildings

CLAYTEC clay building materials are used for public buildings to give them a special character. Our portfolio includes museums, congress buildings, and sanatoriums.

Clay building materials from CLAYTEC

If you're looking for building materials made of clay, CLAYTEC is the answer. But why should you choose us? The answer lies in our company history and everything that results from it.

Commercial buildings

Human resources are the most important factor for the success of a company and the efficiency of an administration. At the same time, it is undisputed that architecture, colours, and interior climate have a huge influence on the health and well-being of employees.