Timber frame restoration

Lightweight clay masonry mortar

Masonry mortar for lightweight clay bricks used for timber-frame infills and interior shells. The wood-chip component allows adaptation to the material composition of the lightweight clay bricks, with the density and physical properties also being adjusted in this way. The bagged material (dry mortar) never expires.

Area of application 
masonry mortar for clay bricks and lightweight clay bricks in the application class I or II.
Not to be used as plastering mortar or as the base material for the manufacture of plastering mortar.

Natural construction clay up to 5 mm, sand 0-2 mm, wood granulate (chips) up to 20 mm. Grain classification, oversize grain according to DIN 0/4, < 8 mm.

Supply form, coverage
Earth-moist 5.022 in 1.0 T big-bags (yields 700 l masonry mortar)
Earth-moist 05.222 in 0.5 T big-bags (yields 350 l masonry mortar)
Dry 10.122 in 25 kg bags (yields 20.5 l masonry mortar), 48 bag/Pal.

DIN 18945-47
ECO-INSTITUT schadstoff- und emissionsgeprüft