Timber frame restoration

Light clay block 2DF 900

Lightweight mould-made clay block of application class la (= approved for timber-frame masonry work). The composition and manufacturing technique make it very resistant to moisture and frost. The historical normal format (NF) lies well in the hand, the size is just right for timber-frame construction. The 1200 NF clay block can be knocked and cut into shape very easily. Lightweight clay masonry mortar is an ideal mortar for plastering with coarse lime basecoat render with hair.

Field of application
Mould-made and extruded clay blocks of application class Ia for facing and non-load-bearing interior walls. Ideal for timber-frame infills with subsequent lime exterior plaster. 900 2DF for large infills and inner layers, 900 3DF with grip hole for timber frames of very
broad (deep) beams.

Building clay, wood and straw chaff.

Supply form
Shrink-wrapped on pallets, NF 416 units, 2DF 350 units, 3DF 240 units Breakages ≤ 4%.

Can be stored dry for an indefinite period. Up to three pallets can be stacked on top of each other.