Timber frame restoration

Gräfix 680 Lime paint

The CLAYTEC gräfix system offers cement-free, breathable lime mortars for conserving and restoring historical buildings. They are ideal for CLAYTEC clay substrates. Lime paint serves as weather protection for exterior lime rendering. It is also suitable for interior clay plasters

Field of application
Lime paint for exterior coating on gräfix lime plaster for timber-frame restoration

Seasoned and matured lime putty, marble dust, dispersion < 1%, methyl cellulose < 1%

Packaging, consumption
10 l oval bucket with lid Approx. 22m2 with three applications depending on the substrate. 2-4 coats are usually needed.

Storage in closed containers is possible in a cool (frost-free!), dry place for at least one year. Reclose opened containers tightly.