Timber frame restoration

Dry earth fill material, light

Dry, pourable ceiling infill. Dry earth fill material consists of clay and numerous softwood chips.

Type of clay product
Clay infill (LT) according to 3.6 of the “Clay building rules” of the Dachverband Lehm (German clay construction trade association).

Field of application
Dry, pourable ceiling infill for filling cavities, thermal insulation and improving the sound insulation. Can also be used to fill screed honeycomb panels in drywall construction.

Clay, softwood chips (screened with a mesh size = 8 mm).

Material properties
Bulk density after compacting approx. 250-300 kg/m3. Thermal conductivity 0.06 W/mK (value measured at 275 kg/m3).

Supply forms
Dry in 300 kg Big Bags for approx. 1.0 m3 of lightly compacted infill.

Store in a dry place. Can be stored for two years.

The dry infill material is ready for use on delivery. Install the trickle protection carefully and securely. Pour or scatter the material between the raft battens or ceiling beams; a slight mechanical vibration and compaction for layer thicknesses of 10 cm may be necessary.
Fill screed honeycomb panels up to the top edge.

Check the material humidity before laying the flooring on account of possible moisture penetration during transport or storage on the building site or condensation (manual or visual check). Failure to do so could result in serious damage to the building.


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