Timber frame restoration

Clay timber struts

Field of application
Clay timber struts for timber-frame restoration and preservation of listed buildings.

Made from solid oak, seasoned for two years, cross-section approx. 3 x 5 cm, building clay (rich clay), long-stalk rye straw. Wound wet by hand, largely pre-dried. Diameter of wrap-around jacket approx. 12-14 cm. Weight approx. 1 kg/m.

Supply form
Also available in lengths of 60 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm and 110 cm, 50 Stk/EUR-Pal.

Clay timber struts should be installed immediately on delivery so that any residual moisture can dry out quickly.

Amount required
Approx. 8 pieces/m ceiling panel.

Clay timber struts are usually laid on battens fastened to the sides of ceiling beams. The ends are blunt and can be shortened as required, as can the wrap-around jacket. The stakes can be supplied with one end sharpened for fitting into grooves in beams.

Plastering of the underside is normally carried out with CLAYTEC clay undercoat plaster with straw.



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