Timber frame restoration

Clay joint-filler

Filler material for joints between clay and wooden building elements, such as door linings and skirting boards, for dowel holes and shrinkage gaps and cracks in wood. Clay joint-filler is the ecological alternative to plastic filling compounds. The dry material is mixed with water, transferred to the refillable CLAYTEC cartridge and applied using a cartridge applicator gun. Residual quantities can be stored indefinitely. The natural brown shade is suitable for natural-coloured clay interior plaster surfaces. The natural pale shade is suitable for white and light-coloured clay and lime interior plaster surfaces.

Field of application
Filling in joints between timber-frame beams and clay infill sections. For joints between clay or lime plasters and finishing elements, such as skirting boards, door linings or other adjoining fixtures. For filling in wood shrinkage cracks and settlement cracks caused by building elements. As filling putty for dowel holes etc.

Natural building clay, cork, expanded glass, talcum, cellulose, vegetable thickener

Delivery form, yield
1.5 kg bag yields approx. 2.5 l joint filling compound (corresponds to approx. 100 running meters of 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm joint).

Store dry and cool. Dry wares have an indefinite shelf life.

Issued 11-2019


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