Fine-finish surfaces

Primer WHITE

Liquid primer without granulation prior to application of CLAYFIX clay direct and YOSIMA clay surfacer coating materials. Substrates may be clay plasters or others as needed. WHITE ensures that the clay plaster is not dissolved and mixed with the paint. A firm basis is created for subsequent repeat coats.

Deep penetrating primer and stabiliser: Water, potassium water glass, dispersion, additives < 1%.
Primers: water, calcium carbonat, water glass, clay, dispersion < 5% (improvement of adhesion properties and application safety) titanium dioxide (in Primer WHITE), methyl cellulose, xanthan.
Supply forms, coverage
10 l bucket, 24 buckets/pallet, liquid, for approx. 100 m2 .
Item No. 13.410 5 l bucket, 56 buckets/pallet, liquid, for approx. 50 m2 . 
Item No. 13.412 1l-bucket, liquid, 12m2.
Storage in closed containers is possible dry and cool (frost-free!) for at least one year. Tightly close opened containers again.
As a rule, agitate undiluted thoroughly. Water addition of up to 25% is possible when strengthening clay plaster surfaces on deep penetrating primer and stabiliser. For primers always up to 5%.
Application is done with a short pile roller or with a brush.
A subsequent application is only possible after complete drying, at the earliest after 48 hours. Drying depends on temperature and humidity.
Issued 11-2022