Fine-finish surfaces

CLAYTEC clay paint "ready to use"

Clay paint without grain for clay plasters and many other interior surfaces. CLAYTEC Clay paint 13.005 is ready for use and can also be applied by roller. It can also be applied very economically with airless spray equipment. The paint is free from solvents and is breathable. Preparatory priming is usually not needed.

Product and application
Clay paint for interior use (not in wet areas). On clay plasters, mineral plasters, drywall boards and other common substrates.

Water, Calcium carbonates, dispersion ≤ 3,5%, clay, potassium silicate, potassium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, defoamer and wetting agents (native oils, silicic acid)

10 l oval bucket with lid, 40 buckets/pal.

Amount required
10 l for approx. 18 m2. Coverage is generally dependent on the substrate and the tool used.

Storage in closed containers is possible in a cool (frost-free!), dry place for 12 months. Reclose opened containers tightly, use rapidly.

Working time
Clean material can be used for approx. 14 days.