Fine-finish surfaces

CLAYFIX clay paint

Clay paints with and without grain for smooth interior surfaces. CLAYFIX clay paint: clay finishing made easy. Available in 146 earth colours that match the YOSIMA colour palette (usually brighter). We offer fine grain and coarse grain as structural additives. The paint is ecologically friendly, free of solvents and breathable. The dry material is simply mixed with water; the mixture can be applied to all paintable surfaces in a crosswise manner with a fine brush, broad brush or roller. CLAYFIX clay paint is also very well suited for spraying.

Product, areas of application
Clay paint according to DVL TM 06 for interior decoration (not in wet areas).

Coloured loam and clay, talcum, chalk, acacia gum, saponin, cellulose fibres, methyl cellulose <1% (water-soluble stabiliser). Structural additives: marble sand 0–0.5 mm (fine grain), marble sand 0.5-1 mm (coarse grain).

The colour is provided by the earths used; no pigments are added.

Clay paint JADE GREEN (previously ‘brush-on plaster’): 1.2 abrasion 0.07 g. (permitted: 0.20 g), wet abrasion class 5 according to DIN EN 13300.

10 kg oval bucket with lid, 32 buckets/pallet. 1.5 kg small packet (bag).

required 10 kg for approx. 60 m2 (1.5 kg for approx. 9 m2, single coat on surfaces with WHITE primer. For approx. 50 m2 when two coats applied. One coat is usually sufficient on light-coloured surfaces with good absorption properties. Two coats may be needed depending on substrate and demands on the colour surface. Coverage is generally dependent on the substrate and the tool used.

Can be stored dry and cool for an indefinite period

The dry mass of 10 kg is stirred into approx. 10 litres (thicker one-coat application) to 15 litres (thinner two-coat application) of clean water using a drill and stirrer (100 mm diameter) at maximum possible rotation speed and stirred well for approx. 3 minutes. Leave the mixture to stand for 30 minutes, and then stir thoroughly again for 1-2 minutes. If the water is very cold or hot, a greater or smaller amount of water may be necessary to achieve the consistency required for application.

When working with the product, repeatedly stir it again thoroughly, in order to prevent sedimentation of the fine ingredients and potentially also the grains.

The substrate must be free of frost, stable, firm, adequately coarse and clean. Distinctly alkaline surfaces must always be treated with fluorosilicate. This particularly applies when strong, dark colours are used.

Gypsum drywall panels pre-treated with coarse-grain deep penetrating primer must be prepared to Q3 or Q4 surface quality standards. The joint areas are to be filled and reinforced properly, e.g. B. with Kobau elastic fabric 10/10 („with the red thread“) or glass
grating joint tape.

CLAYTEC clay plasters, smooth surfaces and highly or unevenly absorbent substrates are pre-treated with CLAYTEC WHITE primer (13.415 -.410)

Preparation and surface
Clay paint is applied with a brush (broad or fine). To achieve particular homogeneity and cost-effectiveness it can be sprayed CLAYFIX without grain e.g. with WAGNER PS 3.20, CLAYFIX fine or coarse grain e.g. with GRACO RTX 5500 PX.

The application consistency depends on the way the product is prepared and the absorption capacity of the substrate. During work, the room should not be heated, ventilated or dried with a blower.

Working period
If kept covered, mixed clay paint remains workable for 24 hours.

It is possible to add lime-proof pigments in powder form by carefully and evenly stirring these into the dry mass.

Colour homogeneity
To paint adjoining surfaces, mix sufficient paint from several packets. Breaks in work should be avoided. Because of the natural ingredients, the possibility of variations in colour cannot be ruled out.


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