Clay plaster

Primer RED

Liquid primer with coarse grain size before the application of coarse clay plaster mortars. RED provides grip and plaster adhesion on smooth and/or poorly absorbent substrates such as high-insulation bricks, KS elements, concrete, lime and gypsum plasters, old dispersion coatings (solid but porous), old synthetic resin plasters and others.

Deep penetrating primer and stabiliser: Water, potassium water glass, dispersion, additives < 1%.
Primers: water, calcium carbonat, water glass, clay, dispersion < 5% (improvement of adhesion properties and application safety) methyl cellulose, xanthan.
Supply forms, coverage
10 l bucket, 24 buckets/pallet, liquid, for approx. 30 m2 . Item No. 13.430 5 l bucket, 56 buckets/pallet, liquid, for approx. 15 m2 .
Storage in closed containers is possible dry and cool (frost-free!) for at least one year. Tightly close opened containers again.
As a rule, agitate undiluted thoroughly. Water addition of up to 25% is possible when strengthening clay plaster surfaces on deep penetrating primer and stabiliser. For primers always up to 5%.
Application is done with a short pile roller (RED with a foam roller) or with a brush.
Safety advice: Protect hands during processing and avoid direct material contact.
Issued 11-2022