Clay plaster

Hessian mesh

Surface reinforcement for all clay plasters. The CLAYTEC hessian mesh is a canvas fabric made from jute yarn, dressed with polysaccharide (starch). Hessian mesh is a classic, eco-friendly plaster reinforcement mesh.

Surface reinforcement for clay plasters, wood fibre interior insulation, clay dry plasterboards with a full surface bond and wood fibreboard panels.

Fabric from jute yarn, dressed with starch. Warp/weft approx. 21/20 fibres per 10 cm, mesh size approx. 4.5 x 4.5 mm.

Supply form
On rolls. Surface reinforcement, width 100 cm/ length 50 m.

Can be stored for at least three years if kept dry, well-ventilated and protected against direct sunlight.

Amount required
Surface reinforcement same as m2 of plaster surface plus an additional 10-20% extra for offcuts and overlaps.