Clay plaster

Hessian mesh

Surface reinforcement for all clay plasters. The CLAYTEC hessian mesh is a canvas fabric made from jute yarn, dressed with polysaccharide (starch). Hessian mesh is a classic, eco-friendly plaster reinforcement mesh.

Surface reinforcement for clay plasters, wood fibre interior insulation, clay dry plasterboards with a full surface bond and wood fibreboard panels.

Fabric from jute yarn, dressed with starch. Weight approx. 120 g/m2. Warp/weft approx. 21/20 fibres per 10 cm, mesh size approx. 4.5 x 4.5 mm

Supply form
On rolls. Surface reinforcement, width 100 cm/ length 50 m.

Can be stored for at least three years if kept dry, well-ventilated and protected against direct sunlight.

Amount required
Surface reinforcement same as m2 of plaster surface plus an additional 10-20% extra for offcuts and overlaps.

Surface reinforcement: the reinforcement mesh is laid on the mortar when it is still freshly applied and malleable. It is then rubbed in with a smoothing board. Approx. 10 cm overlap must be provided in areas around joints.
Joint reinforcement: The mesh is plastered into place with a thin layer of clay topcoat fine; rub the mortar out if possible so that the joint area does not show through the finished plaster. Leave out the reinforcement mesh in areas around crossings. The plaster mortar used for installing the mesh must be fully dry before you resume plastering. (Reinforcement of the board joints alone is no longer a common technique and requires experience to execute correctly.)


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