Clay plaster

Deep foundation and strengthener

Before applying clay plaster mortar or gluing dry plaster or interior insulation boards. For strengthening sandy surfaces, e.g. made of lime or cement.

Water, potash water glass, dispersion, auxiliary agent < 1%.

Delivery forms, yield
10 l canister - Article number: 13.405
1 l-bottle - Article number: 13.400

Storage in closed containers is possible in a dry and cool (frost-free!) place for at least one year. Close opened containers tightly again.

As a rule, thoroughly whisk up undiluted; when consolidating clay plaster surfaces, up to 25% water can be added.

Remove loose parts of the substrate. Brush off easily detachable sand grains. Substrate temperature 5-25 °C.

It is applied with a short pile roller or with a brush. If the deep base and hardener are to penetrate deep into the substrate, several wet-on-wet applications are recommended.

The following application is only possible after complete drying, at the earliest after 48 hours. Drying depends on temperature and humidity

Date: 11/2022