Clay plaster

Clay topcoat fine 06

Single or multilayer basecoat plaster for interior application. For 25 years now clay basecoat plaster with straw has been the classic for applying thick layers, e.g. on rough masonry, for wall panel heating or for restoration work in historical buildings. Up to 35 mm can be applied in a single operation. The material is highly workable, it sticks overhead, and is suitable for gap filling and much more. Clay basecoat plaster with straw is also a substrate for all coarse and fine Claytec clay topcoat plasters. Dry mortar never expires and can also be used with plastering machines.

Single-layer topcoat plaster for interior use. Manual or machine plaster on CLAYTEC clay basecoat plaster, clay building boards and other sufficiently flat surfaces made of suitable building materials.

Natural construction clay, mixed grain washed sand 0 – 0.6 mm, fine fibres. Grain group, oversize grain according to DIN 0/1, <2 mm. Fibres: Cellulose fibres.

Material parameters
Drying shrinkage 3.0%. Strength class S II. Bending tensile strength 0.9 N/mm2 . Compressive strength 2.5 N/mm2 . Adhesive strength 0.10 N/mm2 . Abrasion 0.4 g. Gross density class1.8. Thermal conductivity 0.91 W/m∙K. µ-value 5/10. Vapour adsorption class WS III. Building material class A1.

Supply form, coverage
Dry 05.113 in 0.8 T big-bags (yields 544 l plaster)
Dry 10.113 in 25 kg bags (yields 17 l plaster for 5.7 m2 D = 3 mm), 48 bags/pallet

Can be stored dry for an indefinite period.

DIN 18945-47
ECO-INSTITUT schadstoff- und emissionsgeprüft