Clay plaster

Clay plaster SanReMo

Single or multilayer base and fi nishing coat for interior use, particularly suitable for changing substrates during renovation, refurbishment and modernisation. Clay plaster SanReMo is a mortar for moderately thick application. It can be applied very thinly at 3 mm or quite thickly at 10 mm. The mortar also tolerates non-uniformly absorbent or only poorly absorbent plaster substrates. This is helped by the porous water-absorbent pumice component as well as the fi ne bamboo fi bre component. The fibre is not visible on the surface. As a basecoat plaster, clay plaster SanReMo is suitable for all fine Claytec clay topcoat plasters, e.g. YOSIMA. I can also be easily applied using the Clayfix clay coating material system.

One-coat, medium thickness basecoat or topcoat for indoor areas. Especially suitable for surfaces with sufficient grip but low absorption properties such as concrete, insulating bricks, magnesite wood-wool boards (e.g. WAKA surface, heating and cooling systems), foam glass insulation and other sufficiently even surfaces made of suitable materials. Manual or machine plastering.

Natural construction clay, mixed grain washed sand 0-1 mm, natural pumice 0 - 1.5 mm. Grain classification, oversized grain according to DIN 0/2, up to 3 mm. Natural fibres.

Material parameters
Drying shrinkage < 2.0 %. Strength class S II. Bending tensile strength 0.8 N/mm2 . Compressive strength 2.5 N/mm2.. Adhesive strength 0.12 N/mm2.. Abrasion 0.3 g. Gross density class1.6. Thermal conductivity 0.73 W/m∙K. µ-value 5/10. Vapour adsorption class WS III. Baustoffklasse A1.

Supply form, coverage
05.810: 800 kg Big Bag (yields 544 litres plaster mortar for 91 m2. Thickness = 6 mm)
10.810: 25 kg bag (yields 17 litres mortar for 2.8 m2. Thickness = 6 mm), 48 bags/pallet

Can be stored dry for an indefinite period.

DIN 18945-47
ECO-INSTITUT schadstoff- und emissionsgeprüft