Clay plaster

Clay plaster MINERAL 20

Single- or multi-layered basecoat and topcoat plaster for indoor use. Mineral clay plaster is a basecoat and topcoat plaster all in one. It contains angular fractured sand to ensure strength. After application, the mortar contracts quite quickly and can be worked with again after a short period. If used as a basecoat plaster, it is suitable for all coarse and fi ne CLAYTEC clay topcoatplasters, e.g. YOSIMA. If used as a rough or even smooth topcoat with a mineral, straw-free surface texture, it can be painted with the CLAYFIX clay paint system.

Type of clay plaster mortar
Clay plaster mortar for use as plastering mortar. Earth-moist.

Single or multi-layered basecoat and topcoat plaster for indoor use. Manual or machine plastering on masonry, solid building components, reed matting etc.

Natural building clay up to 5 mm, mixed-grain washed or crushed sand 0-2.8 mm.
Grain group: oversize grain according to DIN 0/4, < 5 mm.

Country of origin

Material properties
Drying shrinkage 2.0%. Strength class S II. Bending tensile strength 1.0 N/mm2. Compressive strength 2.0 N/mm2. Adhesive strength 0.20 N/mm2. Abrasion 0.2 g. Gross density class 2.0. Thermal conductivity 1.1 W/m∙K. μ-value 5/10. Vapour adsorption class WS III. Building material class A1.

DIN 18945-47
ECO-INSTITUT schadstoff- und emissionsgeprüft