Clay plaster

Clay colour plaster coarse with straw

Single-layered, coloured topcoat plaster for indoors. The material is usually applied as a 6-10 mm thick layer. This also makes it suitable for substrates that are too uneven for the application of a thin clay layer finish. The thick application also allows the formation of coarse-textured surfaces. Coarse clay colour plaster requires no further coating or painting. This not only saves costs: the clay surface in rooms can also be experienced in a pure and direct way.

Type of clay plaster mortar
Coloured clay plaster mortar for use as plastering mortar.

Single-layered, coloured topcoat plaster for indoors. Manual or machine plastering. On CLAYTEC clay undercoat plaster, suitable masonry, solid building materials, baseboards and if necessary drywall construction boards.

Natural building clay, coloured loam and clay, mixed grain, washed sand 0-2.2 mm, barley straw fibres up to 10 mm and cellulose fibres.

Clay colour plaster coarse BRIGHT (CLAYTEC 10.210), Clay colour plaster coarse GRAY (CLAYTEC 10.220), Clay colour plaster coarse RED (CLAYTEC 10.230), Clay colour plaster coarse GREEN (CLAYTEC 10.240), Clay colour plaster coarse YELLOW (CLAYTEC 10.250), Clay colour plaster coarse BEIGE (CLAYTEC 10.260)

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Issued 08-2022

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