Clay plaster

Clay plasters are the ecological wall coating par excellence, are natural air conditioners, aggregates of compensation. Their clay minerals provide a room climate that is beneficial to health and well-being. The surfaces are of natural aesthetics. CLAYTEC clay plasters adhere to all common building substrates, they can be machine-applied but can also be easily applied by hand. Their ecobalance is unbeatable.

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CLAYTEC products are present throughout Germany and most European countries. We have a very well developed network of craftsmen's businesses, trading companies and online stores. It is constantly growing and renewing itself.

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Our service team will answer all your questions about your building project with clay. Personal contact persons from CLAYTEC are close to you and at your disposal.

Origin of the company CLAYTEC
in the 70s

The founder of CLAYTEC was one of the first to deal with clay as a building material. From humble beginnings as a craftsman in 1984, he created the market leader for clay plasters. Read here the fascinating story of Peter Breidenbach, founder of CLAYTEC and visionary of clay as a building material.