Clay drybuilding

LEMIX clayboards (heavy)

Drywall clayboards for planking wood and metal post and beam constructions on interior walls, facing and ceiling and roof surfaces. The heavy clayboard brings a lot of clay into the room, with all the material’s positive impacts on the indoor climate, especially from a heating perspective. It can be cut with a handheld circular saw. The 22 mm thick clayboard enables a wide substructure grid (62.5 cm) to be created for walls

Field of application
Clayboards for planking indoor wood and metal elements. For interior walls, skirting and ceiling and roof surfaces in drywall construction. For complete cladding of wooden materials and chipboard panels. As a substrate for SanReMo finishing plaster, YOSIMA clay design plaster or CLAYTEC clay topcoat fine with CLAYFIX clay paint.

Clay, earth, wood fibre, starch, hessian mesh (rear side only)

Dimensions and weights
Dimensional tolerance class MHK II, width = 125.0 cm (± 4 mm), length = 62.5 cm (± 4 mm), thickness = 22 mm or 16 mm (+ 1, - 3 mm). Evenness = - 1 mm. Weight: 22 mm thick approx. 32 kg/m2 = approx. 25 kg; 16 mm thick approx. 23 kg/m2 = approx. 18 kg

Supply form
Shrink-wrapped on pallets of 40 units

Store resting on pallets; keep straight and dry. There is no time limit on storage

Walls: thickness 22, axial spacing 62.5 cm (= 125 cm/2). Thickness 22 Ceilings and sloping roofs: axial spacing 31.25 cm (=125 cm/4); 16 mm thick: walls, ceilings and sloping roofs: axial spacing 31.25 cm (= 125 cm/4). You are strongly advised not to attach the material directly to load-bearing parts of the building (e.g. rafters, beams). ATV DIN 18334:2016-09 applies with regard to the maximum moisture content of substructure wood.