Clay drybuilding

Clay dry plasterboard

Dry lining panels made of clay and reeds for local cladding of wood and wooden materials as well as old plasterwork and solid materials. The Claytec clay dry lining panel is used to improve the indoor environment in the drywall construction. It was developed based on practical building experience and has been available on the market for 20 years. Its handy format makes it easy to work with. Clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar is suitable for adhering and reinforcing.

Field of application
Clayboard as dry plaster to line old plaster surfaces as well as concrete, lime sandstone walls etc. To line flat wooden boarding and wooden composite boards. As a substrate for YOSIMA Clay designer plaster or CLAYTEC Clay topcoat fine with CLAYFIX clay paint.

Building clay and loam, perlite, reed matting, hemp, hessian mesh.

Material parameters
Bulk density approx. 700 kg/m3, Cp approx. 1.45 kJ/kgK (16.2 kJ/m2K), µ 18

Dimensions and weights W = 62.5 cm, L = 62.5 cm, thickness = approx. 16 mm. Weight approx. 4.4 kg/panel = approx. 11.2 kg/m2.

Supply form
Shrink-wrapped on pallets of 120 units.

Store resting on pallets; keep straight and dry. There is no time limit on storage.
Amount required Approx. 2.6 panels/m2. When calculating amount required, allow about 10% extra for wastage etc. Substrate The substrate must be stable, frost-free, dry, clean (wooden composite boards, dust-free), free of salt, sufficiently rough and absorbent. Roughly repair any defects. You may have to fix sanding substrates with CLAYTEC deep penetrating primer and stabiliser.


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