Clay drybuilding

Clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar

Clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar for reinforcement layers on clayboards, wood fibre topboards and interior insulation panels. Clay adhesive and reinforcement mortar is made from clay and cellulose ingredients. This guarantees maximum workability, even when it is applied thinly. With a compressive strength of 3.9 MPa that sets new standards for clay mortar, and an adhesive strength of 0.85 MPa, clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar guarantees the solidity of the entire structure. It provides a substrate for Claytec clay finishing plasters (fine) and YOSIMA. With good preparation, it can also be applied using the CLAYFIX clay coating material system.

Application method
Adhesive and bonding mortar in dry, fine-grained, ready-mixed form for attaching light building and interior insulation boards to various substrates, and as a reinforcement mortar on clayboards, clay-hemp boards, wood fibre insulation and wood fibre finishing boards and mineral foam boards.

Sand up to 1.0 mm, clay and loam, talc, perlite, plant fibres and cellulose.

Form of delivery, coverage
25 kg bags (yields 17 litres mortar for 5 m2 ), 48 bags/palette.

Mortar preparation
The 25 kg dry mass is gradually stirred into 8-9 litres of clean water with a drill (≥ 800 Watt) or an agitator and agitator paddle (Ø 125 mm). Slightly less water should be added when used as bonding mortar. Consistency should be pasty and suitable for the desired
application method with notched trowel or spatula.

Leave the mixture alone for 30 minutes, and then stir thoroughly again. The mortar is now ready for use.