Internal insulation

Reed matting ST 70

Lath on mixed substrates and wood. In the 1980s Claytec rediscovered and developed this fabric made of reeds and wire with 70 stems/m. The stalk distances are a perfect match for the grain of coarse clay plaster mortar. The product helps the plaster stick to wooden beams and provides strength to unstable walls and thick overlayers. 34.001 on 10.0 m rolls is our standard product. 34.002 on 5.0 m rolls is characterized by particularly strong stalks for demanding applications (e.g. planking) and stable binding even with smaller cuts.

Fabric mesh plaster lath on interior walls and ceiling for clay plaster, also for lime plasters outdoors. To stabilise levelling plasters. As lost formwork for light clay walls and interior linings.

Mesh of natural reed stems and galvanised iron wires. Approx. 70 stems/m. 34.001 binding approx. Every 20 cm. 34.002 binding approx. Every 10 cm, particularly strong stalks.

Supply form
Rolls. 34.001 length 10.00 m, Wide 1,80 m. 34.002 length 5.00 m, Wide 2,00 m.

Store in a dry and well-ventilated place, not under plastic. Protect carefully against moisture and condensation during transport and storage.

Material needs
Mesh same as m2 of substrate, plus 10-20% extra for offcuts and any necessary overlaps.