Internal insulation

Reed board

Construction panels made of wire-quilted reeds for interior walls and for the improvement of thermal insulation and the surface temperature of exterior walls. This traditional natural insulation product has been used for many years for simple interior insulation. Its properties and materiality are especially well suited for the conservation and restoration of historic buildings.

Interior construction and lath boards with a thermally insulating effect. Track record for many years as planking for drywall constructions and as a substrate for clay plasters. In 20 mm thickness, as a flexible lath board for vaulted ceilings.

Boards of natural reed stems. Bound together with galvanised iron wires (support and quilting). Wire support approx. every 20 cm crosswise to the stems, quilting approx. every 5 cm.

Material parameters
Bulk density approx. 145 kg/m (thermal conductivity approx. 0.065 W/mK, µ 3-5) The values may fluctuate depending on the annual growth (harvest quality); the measured values illustrate the most unfavourable case.

Width 1.0 m (stem length), length 2.0 m. Thickness 50 mm (34.010) and 20 mm (34.020), size between outer edges of the wire loops.

Supply form
Stacked on pallets.

Store in a dry and well-ventilated place, not under plastic. Protect carefully against moisture and condensation during transport and storage.