Internal insulation

Light clay, woodchip

Woodchip light clay is poured wet into interior shells, for example in applications where the inner surfaces of outer walls feature large projections and recesses or if installations need to be fitted. Woodchip light clay is ecologically friendly and forms stable structures. Expanded light clay dries faster and is not flammable

Clay product type
Light clay according to section 3.5 of the German national earth building association standards (Dachverband Lehm, Lehmbau Regeln).

Field of application
Light clay for interior-insulating facing shells for timber-framed houses and other old buildings.

Woodchip light clay: natural building clay, woodchips (spruce/fir) Light expanded clay: natural building clay, expanded clay granulate 4-16 mm

Material parameters Woodchip light clay: dry gross density with normal installation 600 kg/m3 ( 0.17 W/mK, µ 5/10) Light expanded clay: dry gross density with normal installation 700 kg/m3 (thermal conductivity 0.21 W/mK, µ 5/10), building material class A1

Delivery forms
Woodchip light clay ready for application in 0.75 -t Big Bags, Light expanded clay in 1.0-t Big Bags Storage Protect against dehydration or humidification by the weather.