Internal insulation

CLAYTEC HFD internal

Wood fibre insulation board for interior insulation of timber-frame houses and all other historical buildings. CLAYTEC HFD interior insulation boards are glued locally in a clay plaster levelling course or fixed with clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar. The soft boards decouple deformations in the construction from the interior plaster. They are inexpensive and suitable for many types of wall.

Field of application
Interior insulation for timber-frame and solid masonry exterior walls.

Wood fibres made from wood from responsibly managed forests.

Material parameters
Bulk density approx. 160 kg/m3 , compressive strength ≥ 50 kPa, nominal value thermal conductivity 0.040 W/mK, design values thermal conductivity: D: 0.040 W/mK, AT: 0.042 W/mK, CH: 0.038 W/mK, sd thickness = 40 0.20 m / thickness = 60 0.30 m, fire behaviour according to DIN EN 13501-1: E

Composition and dimensions
Insulation board with tongue-and-groove. Width = 0.40 m, length = 1.02 m (covered area 0.39 x 1.01 m), thickness = 40, 60, 80 mm.

Supply form
Stacked and shrink-wrapped on pallets.

Store in a dry and well-ventilated place, not under plastic. Protect carefully against moisture and condensation during transport and storage.

Important: The side printed with the product designation is to be plastered. For panels produced before 10.12.2022 (recognisable by the date stamp on the panel), the non-printed side must be plastered.