Heavy clay products

Rammed earth

Rammed earth ready mix for walls and floors. Rammed earth construction is clay construction in its archaic and pure form. The raw material is directly formed into a monolithic construction element. The main reason that this ancient construction technique was rediscovered was because of the aesthetic and expressive power of the heavy monolithic components and their surfaces. Natural fine rammed earth is for covering rammed earth floors. The finer grain makes it easier to produce a floor surface. The compacted material can then be oiled or fixed and finished with wax.

Type of clay product
Rammed earth (STL) according to 3.2 of the “Clay building rules” of the Dachverband Lehm (German clay construction trade association).

Field of application
Rammed earth for load-bearing and non-load-bearing clay walls; fine rammed earth for clay floors.

Building clay, mixed-grain stony additives. Grain size 0-16 mm (oversized grain up to 22 mm possible). Fine rammed earth 02.008 grain size 0-8 mm (oversized grain up to 16 mm possible).

Material properties
Dry bulk density approx. 2.300 kg/m3, thermal conductivity 1.5 W/mK, μ 5/10, building material class A1, compressive strength Natural rammed earth 2.0 N/mm2, other rammed earth products on demand, drying shrinkage Natural rammed earth 0.7%. 

Supply form
Earth-moist in 1.0 t Big Bags.

Protect against dehydration (clumping together) or humidification by weather. Can be stored for long periods. Check the moisture and homogeneity (workability) of the building material before starting work.

Material needs
A Big Bag yields approx. 0.45 m3 of finished wall component.

As of 08-2023