Heavy clay products

Light clay block 2DF 700

Particularly lightweight clay block of application class II (= for interior masonry) with a thermal insulating effect. The 700 2DF clay block provides moderate interior insulation for timber-framed houses and all other historical buildings if laid with conventional masonry techniques. Lightweight clay masonry mortar is an ideal mortar.

Field of application
Extruded clay blocks from application class II for facing and non-load-bearing interior walls.

Building clay, wood and straw chaff.

Material properties
Extruded clay block. Application class AK II. 2DF (2 x thin format). Solid blocks. Gross density class 0.7. µ-value 5/10. Thermal conductivity 0.21 W/m·K. Building material class B2*.
Building material class, B2 in each case; better classification is possible subject to fire protection tests (Lehmbau Regeln DVL 2009, p. 97).

Supply form
Shrink-wrapped on pallets of 350 units Breakages ≤ 4%.

There is no time limit on storage. Up to three pallets can be stacked on top of each other.