Heavy clay products

Heavy clay masonry mortar

Masonry mortar for heavy clay blocks. The material has no organic additives and is approved for load-bearing brickwork. Because of its good pourability, clay masonry mortar is also used for ceiling infills

Field of application
Masonry mortar for clay blocks and light clay blocks in the application class I or II. Not to be used as plastering mortar or as the base material for the manufacture of plastering mortars. Heavy clay masonry mortar is suitable as a pourable infill as well as a filling material for ceilings and similar building components.

Natural building clay up to 5 mm, sand 0–2 mm. Grain group, oversize grain according to DIN 0/4, <8 mm.

Material parameters
Drying shrinkage < 2.5 %. Strength class M3. Compressive strength 3.0 N/mm2. Adhesive strength 0.08 N/mm2. Gross density class 2.0. Thermal conductivity 1.1 W/m∙K. µ-value 5/10. Building material class A1.

Supply form, coverage
Earth-moist 05.020 in 1.0 t Big Bags (yields 500 l masonry mortar
Earth-moist 05.220 in 0.5 t Big Bags (yields 250 l masonry mortar)

If stored correctly and dry, will keep for an indefinite period. If the material clumps together due to dehydration, this can lead to extra work during preparation; complaints on account of this are excluded. In winter, earth-moist goods must be stored so they are protected from freezing, otherwise workability during frost is impaired.


DIN 18945-47