Heavy clay products

Clay block NF 1800

Mould-made clay block of application class Ib (= approved for load-bearing walls). Can you build load-bearing walls with clay? Yes, with the clay block 1800 NF. 30 years ago, CLAYTEC developed this block, which is unique on the market. The normal format (NF) makes it particularly suitable for small-scale repairs of historic solid clay buildings. Heavy clay masonry

Field of application
Mould-made clay blocks of application class Ib for exterior masonry that is plastered all over and exposed to weathering. Can be used for load-bearing masonry. For non-load-bearing interior and exterior walls. For repairing small areas and masonry replacement measures in historic solid clay buildings.

Building clay.

Material properties
Mould-made clay block. Application class AK Ib. Compressive strength class 2. NF (normal format, dimensional ranges may be exceeded). Solid blocks. Raw density class 1.8 (raw density measured 1,650 kg/m3). Thermal conductivity 0.78 W/m∙K (interpolated). µ value
5/10. Building material class A1.

Supply form
Shrink-wrapped on pallets of 416 units Breakages ≤ 4%.

Can be stored dry for an indefinite period. Up to three pallets can be stacked on top of each other.

Work with clay blocks according to the rules of masonry. Pre-wetting the clay blocks in the horizontal masonry joints increases the masonry’s strength. We recommend heavy clay masonry mortar (CLAYTEC 05.020, 05.220) as masonry mortar. If lime plaster is planned, scrape out the joints in the fresh masonry sharply to create a recess of approx. 0.3 mm.

TM 06 nach Dachverband Lehm
DIN 18945-47