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Flax mesh

Surface reinforcement for clay adhesive, reinforcing mortar and all clay plasters. CLAYTEC flax mesh is a specially developed gauze made of flax yarn enriched with polysaccharide (starch). It perfectly combines ease of use with environmental friendliness.

Surface reinforcement for clay plasters, wood fibre interior insulation, clayboard and wood fibreboard cladding, clayboard planking (only 09.004/09.002) and wood fibreboard panels.

Gauze made of flax yarn, enriched with starch. Weight approx. 60g/m2 , Warp/weft approx. 20/20 fibres per 10 cm, mesh size approx. 5 x 5 mm, approx. 45 g/m2 .

Form of deliver
On rolls. Surface reinforcement, width 100 cm/ length 100 m (35.031) or 35 m (35.034).

Can be stored for at least three years if kept dry, well-ventilated and protected against direct sunlight.