Wall- & and ceiling heating

Wall- & and ceiling heating systems are pipe or cable registers plastered into mortar, water or electricity based. The heat is emitted into the room by radiation. This not only saves energy but is also the most pleasant and healthiest way to heat. Draughts, dust carbonization and air pollution are minimized. Embedded in clay plaster or on interior insulation made of natural materials, wall- & and ceiling heating systems ensure a perfectly healthy room climate.

We have compiled technical information for plasterers and installers here. But also building owners can inform themselves about the offers on the market.

WEM GmbH Flächenheizung und -kühlung

Pleasant heat or cooling with the WEM climate elements

Complete systems for wall and ceiling

Floor heating in dry construction

Free design and calculation

Pipe material PE-RT/ aluminium/ PE-RT, DIN DVGW tested

diameter / wall thickness 16 mm / 2 mm

Bending radius By hand 80 mm, with bending spring 64 mm

Tube length rolls 50 m and 200 m, register 0.5, 1.0 and 1.25 m²

Heat emission from -to 170-200 W/m² at 45/40°C

Max. flow temperature 95°C

Fixing screws (Ø 5-6 mm) or insulation plugs


Technische Hotline
phone: 02619833990
fax: 026198339929
e-mail: wem@wandheizung.de


WEM GmbH Flächenheizung und -kühlung
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 37
56220 Urmitz

res-regenerative energietechnik und -systeme GmbH

res - climate panels
A fast-reacting panel heating and cooling system for walls and ceilings (low temperature)
Fast heat transfer with Acclimation Technology from res. Energy efficient, economical. For heat pump systems, for new buildings, renovation, wellness areas.
Heating without convection, cooling without draught, healthy, pleasant living climate (heat radiation)

Tube material: diffusion-tight copper capillaries, cross-section (H x W) approx. 2.5 x 8 mm

Pipe length: ≤ 25m/m2

Pipe distance: ≤ 36 mm

Layer build-up: minimum 10 mm

Simple, fast assembly with secure plug connections

res-KlimaPaneels Plaster

Copper heat exchanger for plastering in clay, gypsum and lime plaster, ideal for diffusion-open interior insulation

Minimum plaster thickness (incl. heat exchanger) 10 mm

Module variants: 1,600 x 625 mm; 800 x 1,250 mm; 800 x 625 mm

res-KlimaPaneels Clay

Copper heat exchanger, on wood fiber board (= internal insulation) with clay plaster.
Wood construction, ecological interior fittings / renovation

Minimum plaster thickness (incl. heat exchanger) 10 mm

carrier plate: 1.900 x 667 x 60 mm

res-KlimaPaneels drywall construction

Copper heat exchanger on plasterboard ideal for ceiling installation, renovation

2,000 x 1,250 mm; 2,000 x 833 mm (2/3 module)

Assembly Standard drywall construction



phone: 098518990011
fax: 098518990022
e-mail: info.de@res-enegie.eu


res-regenerative energietechnik und -systeme GmbH
Wolfertsbronn 5
91550 Dinkelsbühl

TBHS Wandheizsysteme

3THERMO Wandheizung zeichnet sich durch kleinste Trägheit und höchste Leistung unter allen Flächenstrahlung Heizungsanlagen aus. 

- Hybrid-Wandsystem in Form von modernen Unterputz-Heizkörper

- Revolutionäres Design für den Einbau in nur 1 cm Putz

- System wird über aktive Heizkörper und nicht über Wasserleitungen betrieben

- Kein Wasser und kein Strom in Unterputzteil!  Dry-Wall-System

- Kurze und schnelle Montage. Renovieren-Sanieren-Neubau  

Kostenloses Beratung, Planung, Angebot.

Material Aluminium EN AW - 6060T6

Maße der Unterputz Heizelementes 60cm x 170cm

Stärke  8,5 mm

Gewicht des Kollektors 1,4 kg

Wärmeabgabe von 80-230 W/m² bei 35-60°C

Max. Vorlauftemperatur 100°C

Wassermenge pro Heizkörper: 50 ml (0.05L)

Anschluss für Zentralheizungsanlage: TECEflex Rohr 16x2mm 


Vertrieb Deutschland und Austria
phone: +49 (0) 1797677568
e-mail: office@wandheizen.de


TBHS Wandheizsysteme
Karl-Thöne Straße 16
55569 Monzingen

WAKA Thermosystems GmbH Flächenheizungen & -kühlungen

WAKA - Heats and cools. Ecological. Quick assembly. Low weight per unit area.

A) Product designation Heating & cooling elements in drywall construction for floor, wall and ceiling

Material original wood wool board 25 mm 11kg/m², recommended for organic building

or NEW from 2018: Clay hemp board 22mm (WAKA-Plus)

dim. 2000, 1250, 1000 x 600 mm or 1875, 1250 x 625 mm

Mounting clamps, screws

Plaster Claytec HWL Plaster 05.810 or 10.810

Regulation TA Heimeier, Eberle

B) Product designation clamping rail system

Material pipe from Fränkische Rohrwerke PERT/AL/PERT 16/2, surface heating pipe 70°C (Made in Germany), bending radius min. 2 x d (16mm) = 32 mm with internal bending spring or 5 x d = 80 mm with external bending spring

Mounting Screw the clamping rail to the wall and clamp the tube

Plaster Claytec Claytec Clay Plaster Mineral 05.030 or 10.030, Claytec Claytec Clay Plaster Undercoat 05.001 or 05.002

Regulation TA Heimeier, Eberle


Technische Hotline
phone: +49(0)36459-589615
e-mail: mail@wakatherm.com


WAKA Thermosystems GmbH Flächenheizungen & -kühlungen
Kesselstraße 16 A
99444 Blankenheim


specialized wholesale

Pipe material PB pipe

Diameter / wall thickness 8 mm x 1 mm (supply line 15 mm x 1.5 mm)

Pipe length 600 m rolls, max 35 mtr. per segment (max 4 segments per heating circuit)

Heat output from -to 50-200 W/m²

Max. flow temperature 50°C

Fastening clamping rails or finished drywall elements


Matthias Schillinger
phone: 078529336924
e-mail: info@joco.de


Industriestraße 1
77731 Willstätt

ClimateWall - beheizte, diffusionsoffene Innendämmung

Building trade & direct sales

ipe material fusiolen PP-R

Diameter / wall thickness collector 24/14 x 2.5 mm distributor 12/12 x 1.5 mm

Tube length from-to Register lengths from 500 to 5000 mm Register widths from 240 to 1000 mm

Heat output from - to 50 - 150 W/m²

Max. flow temperature 70°C

Fastening Fastening with climasystem fastening element with dowel


Markus Brecht
phone: 062273585990
e-mail: info@energiewerkstatt-rn.de


ClimateWall - beheizte, diffusionsoffene Innendämmung
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 41
69190 Walldorf

GeoClimaDesign AG

GeoClimaDesign - Capillary tube system:
The capillary tube system offers the following advantages due to the narrow parallel flow through tubes:
- especially flat - only 4,5 mm - saves plaster thickness
- particularly low flow temperatures - protects the plaster from drying out and cracking
- especially light - ideal for the ceiling
- always also suitable for cooling
- System package incl. controller and connection station
- System package incl. heat pump

Tube material Capillary tube mat PP-R

Diameter x wall thickness Bluemat superfast: capillary 3.4 mm x 0.55 mm, capillary tube distance 10 mm, Bluemat powersave capillary 4.5 mm x 0.8 mm, capillary tube distance 20 mm, stem tube each 20 mm x 2 mm

Length infinitely variable from 500 mm to 8000 mm

Width Bluemat superfast 217 mm, 429 mm, 523 mm and special sizes, Bluemat powersave 287 mm to 1130 mm and special sizes

Heat emission from 50-190 W/m² depending on the covering material, and flow temperature in wall or ceiling

Max. Flow temperature heating 80°C

Standard temperature heating 32°C/ 28°C/ 20°C (VL/RL/RT)

Cooling capacity of up to 68 - 110 W/m² depending on covering material and supply temperature above dew point in wall or ceiling

Min-temperature Cooling sliding above dew point

Standard temperature cooling 16°C/ 18°C/ 26°C (VL/RL/RT)


Technische Hotline
phone: 03361376420
e-mail: info@geoclimadesign.com


GeoClimaDesign AG
Mühlenbrücke 3-5
15517 Fürstenwalde / Spree

Aquatherm GmbH

Distribution wholesale

Pipe material fusiolen PP-R

Diameter / wall thickness collector 24/14 x 2.5 mm distributor12/12 x 1.5 mm

Tube length from-to Register lengths from 500 to 5000 mm Register widths from 240 to 1000 mm

Heat output from -to 50-150 W/m²

Max. flow temperature 70°C

Fastening Fastening with climasystem fastening element with dowel


Technische Hotline
phone: 02722/950 200
fax: 02722/950 285


Aquatherm GmbH
Biggen 5
57439 Attendorn

LEHMBAU Sieberer

Field of application

Surface heating and surface cooling
For wall, ceiling and floors


Prefabricated modules on soft wood fibre board


Sietherm 200 - 600x2000x40mm
Sietherm 150 - 600x1500x40mm
Sietherm 100 - 600x1000x40mm


Clipped, screwed or glued


Claytec clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar
Glass fabric
Clay upper plaster fine or design plaster


Herr Josef Sieberer
phone: +436765581369
e-mail: office@wandheizung-kuehlung.com


LEHMBAU Sieberer
Gewerbepark 1
6346 Niederndorferberg

Danfoss GmbH

specialized wholesale

Pipe material composite pipe, polyethylene / aluminum, PE-RT/ AI / PE-RT

diameter / wall thickness 16 mm / 2 mm

Bending radius 80mm (5 x da)

Pipe length / single surface max. 80 m / max 15 m²

Heat output from -to 50-120 W/m²

Max. flow temperature 60°C


Technische Hotline
phone: 0540683060
fax: 05406830660
e-mail: info@fussbodenheizung.de


Danfoss GmbH
Carl-Legien-Straße 8
63073 Offenbach

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Denk

engineering office + building trade

Fastening already attached to the capillary tube mat at the factory, type of fastening depending on the substrate

Tube material bare copper or bare carbon steel

diameter / wall thickness 18 mm / 2 mm

Bending radius 75 mm with machine

Tube length 5.0 or 6.0 rods semi-hard

Heat emission from - to 50-55 W/m at 60°C flow temperature

Max- flow temperature 70°C

Fixing HILTI Fixbride FB 18/20


Technische Hotline
phone: 090717942677
fax: 090717942678
e-mail: denk@martin-denk.de


Dipl.-Ing. Martin Denk
Uhland Straße 24
89407 Dillingen

KME Germany GmbH & Co.KG

specialized wholesale

Material Copper pipe finished register

diameter 10 mm

Heat dissipation from-to At an average heating water temperature of 45°C and a spread of 10 K approx. 194 W/m²

Max. flow temperature 60°C

Mounting The ready-to-connect registers are mounted on the walls with 4 or 6 mounting brackets, depending on the type, simply by dowelling.


Frank Dettmer
phone: 05413214336
fax: 054132184336
e-mail: Frank.Dettmer@kme.com


KME Germany GmbH & Co.KG
Klosterstraße 29
49074 Osnabrück

Roth Werke GmbH

specialized wholesale

Für technische Eigenschaften & Informationen zur Befestigungen schauen Sie sich bitte die Tabellen unter den PDF Dateien an. 


Klaus Reitz
phone: 06466922266
fax: 06466922100
e-mail: klaus.reitz@roth-werke.de


Roth Werke GmbH
Am Seerain 2
35232 Dautphetal

Sera-Lizenzen GmbH

Direct sales

Material copper tube - finished assemblies

diameter / wall thickness 8 mm / 1 mm

Area per heating circuit Maximum wall length 7 m, 5 standard heights 0.7 - 2.3 m

Heat emission from-to approx. 150 W/m² at 40°C VL

Fastening supply and return pipe with clamps and nail plugs approx. every 60 cm, register pipes with press-in spacers as required


Heinz Eggert
phone: +43662830000
fax: +43662824860
e-mail: sera@aon.at


Sera-Lizenzen GmbH
Moosstraße 65a
5020 Salzburg, Österreich


specialized wholesale

Pipe material PE-RT / PE-X

diameter / wall thickness 10 x 1.33 mm

Pipe length up to max. 80m per circle

Heat emission of up to 70W/m² at 35°C flow temperature

Max. flow temperature 90°C

Mounting Mounting in SpeeTile honeycomb system


Technische Hotline
phone: 05207918990
fax: 05207918999
e-mail: mail@ush-innovationen.de


Beckersheide 11-15
33758 Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock

uponor GmbH

specialized wholesale

Pipe material uponor Velta PE-Xa pipe, high-pressure cross-linked polyethylene according to Engel process, according to DIN 16892 and DIN ISO 15857, oxygen-tight according to DIN 4726

diameter / wall thickness 14 mm / 2 mm

Fastening with clamping wall rails 14, vertical distance approx. 60 cm.


Technische Hotline
phone: 08007780030
e-mail: technik-hotline@uponor.com


uponor GmbH
Industriestraße 56
97437 Hassfurt

Viega GmbH & Co. KG

specialized wholesale

Tube material Polybutene

diameter / wall thickness 12 mm / 1.3 mm

Bending radius 60 mm (5 x da)

Pipe length 10 m/m²

Heat output up to 160 W/m²

Mounting Tubes are mounted in toothed rails that have previously been screwed to the wall.


Technische Hotline
phone: 02722611100
fax: 02722611101
e-mail: service-technik@viega.de


Viega GmbH & Co. KG
Postfach 430/440
57428 Attendorn

Why clay

Better indoor climate: Optimal absorption and release of humidity.
Better climate protection: Your contribution to a better environment.
Better sound insulation: Audibly more quiet.

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