Frau mit Kind im Wohnraum - Wände mit ökologischem Lehmputz

Reasons to use clay products

  Clay building materials are all-round talents suitable for everyday use.


As one of the oldest building materials in the world, clay is a real all-rounder. Over time, the engineers from CLAYTEC have created new application techniques derived from ancient building processes which cater to almost every construction task. Above all, a large number of options were developed for designing, shaping, and finishing clay surfaces.

CLAYTEC clay plasters are highly robust and lasting. But if repairs do become necessary, the material can easily be softened and patched up with plain water. This sets clay apart from all other building materials.

Would you like a clay ambience with minimal effort? YOSIMA clay designer plaster can be applied with a thickness of just 2 mm to almost all surfaces. With clay coating materials, even DIY enthusiasts can give their walls a harmonious earthen touch.

Innenraum Wand

  Typically clay: Indoor climate and building biology


CLAYTEC clay plaster adds a touch of nature to your home. It is made of natural components, and its surfaces are open to diffusion and breathable. Their ability to buffer atmospheric moisture has a demonstrably positive effect on the indoor climate. The clay minerals contribute to an indoor climate that is conducive to your health and well-being. Clay plasters do not release any hazardous chemicals into the ambient air. On the contrary, they even absorb smells. Heavy clay construction materials act as a thermal storage medium and balance out temperature fluctuations. In short: Cool in summer — warm in winter.


Competence trough experience

CLAYTEC has invested a lot of work and heart and soul in its products in its 30-year company history. After all, you can expect reliable, functioning building materials. But CLAYTEC continues to put the status quo to the test again and again. The company is involved in the Dachverband Lehm e.V. (DVL) and helped to define the product standards for clay building materials at the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

  Clay walls are one thing above all: beautiful.


In the renaissance that building with clay is experiencing, everything revolves around the sensory experience: Clay surfaces are beautiful! As rammed clay walls, they have an impressive presence, and as clay plaster a pleasant feel. They have the soothing colours of the earth and bring a reserved harmony into your own four walls that people will continue to enjoy even after years of use. CLAYTEC produces brilliant coloured plasters made of clay with a luxurious appearance and structure for your personal, representative interior design. No colours or pigments are added for this purpose. At the same time, CLAYTEC was the first producer to bring something very special to market several years ago: Pure white clay plaster!

Weißer Raum
Spiegel und Telefon

  An ecological building material


Clay is THE ecological building material. All components of CLAYTEC clay building materials are collected, extracted, and manufactured in local warehouses and production facilities. From the extraction and refinement to the installation and use, as well as future re-utilisation, the following holds true: There is almost no other building material that requires so little energy expenditure. Clay releases almost no CO2 emissions; its stability and adhesive properties are a free gift from nature. Clay is pure earth, millions of years old. After we have used it for living in, we can simply return it to the earth. Modern environmental product declaration procedures summarise all these aspects in impressive figures.


Service team

We will help you find the right product, answer your technical questions, and would be glad to recommend craftsmen and suppliers for your construction project. We assist professionals with planning and cost calculations. Please contact our Serviceteam

  Clay provides the best sound insulation


CLAYTEC clay panels are light, rapid, and dry. Above all, they are quiet! Our panels made of natural materials not only provide healthy living conditions, but regulate humidity as well. With excellent sound insulation properties, they have another important added benefit. With heavy yet flexible clay panels, they can achieve excellent values even in simple wall structures. Above all, this also impresses the decision-makers for large construction projects. Above all, a good indoor climate nowadays also requires sound insulation. Invest in tranquillity for your construction project!

Hüpfende Kinder

  Historic preservation, timber-frame restoration, and interior insulation


It is in places where people with experience, expertise and a sense of responsibility do the building that something special is created. This is why there exist buildings constructed in the past that continue to have a magical radiance to this day. Clay is THE historical and authentic building material par excellence. Over 30 years ago, CLAYTEC was one of the first companies to dedicate itself to the re-discovery and continued development of clay as a classic and future-oriented building material.

Are you looking to rehabilitate your half-timbered house? We from CLAYTEC are timber-frame pros and provide sophisticated system solutions. For this contribution to the preservation of German half-timbered houses, we were awarded the GERMAN NATIONAL PRIZE FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION.

Are you looking to install indoor insulation? That's wonderful. Also, energy rehabilitation does not have to lead to the loss of the building's character and charm. Interior insulation with CLAYTEC clay is reliable and effective. In combination with wall panel heating and clay plaster, they are the solution with unparalleled efficiency for your desired level of comfort