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We are there for you

Communicating with you is important to us. Every single one of your questions should be answered, and every construction task optimally solved. For this purpose, our regional sales teams are at your disposal. We always try to see things from our clients' point of view. This is the basis of our work ethic:

Customer- and service-orientedness

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Serviceteam west

postcode areas:
26-28, 32-36, 4, 5, 60-61, 65

Serviceteam southwest

postcode area:
63-64, 66-69, 7, 88-89

Serviceteam south

postcode area:
80-87, 90-98

Serviceteam northeast

postcode area:
1, 20-25, 29, 30-31, 38-39

Serviceteam east

postcode area:
0, 37, 99

Serviceteam international